Project Description

Short Description

TSV100 is an AC voltage detector with opto-isolated open collector output. It detects voltage in two ranges – from 85 to 250 VAC (default) and from 170 to 250 VAC. The range is settable by jumper inside the detector.

TSV100 utilizes only electronic components, there aren’t any mechanical and electro-mechanical components. This improve detector’s durability. Galvanic isolation is achieved by used photo coupler on the output. The detector is powered by monitored voltage only.

TSV100 can be used to indicate the presence or absence of line voltage in UPS, power supplies, electrical sources and power lines.

TSV100 can be connected to digital inputs of TCW1xx, TCW2xx and TCG1xx controllers.

  • Galvanically isolated detection;
  • Two detection leveles;
  • Usable for 115 and 230 VAC networks;
  • Low temperature drift;
  • Powered by monitored voltage only.

  • AC Voltage monitoring on input of UPS (uninterruptible power supply);
  • Alarm notification for AC voltage failure;
  • Smart consumtion managment on battery operation;
  • Industrial automation processes.

Parameter Value Unit
Working voltage range 0 to 250 VAC
Detection level with open jumper (default) 85 VAC
Detection level with close jumper 170 VAC
Threshold ±8 VAC
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 °C

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TSV100 AC voltage detector with galvanic isolated output – user manual
(pdf, 256KB)