Project Description

  • TSD800_door_magnetic_contact
  • TSD800_door_magnetic_contact
  • TSD800_door_magnetic_contact

Short Description

TSD800 is a door magnetic sensor with leads. The robust design makes it ideal choice for either metal or wooden doors and windows.

TSD800 has a relay output and can be used with controllers which have digital inputs in “dry contact” mode. The sensor is supported by TCW11x, TCW12x, TCW220, TCW241 and TCG120 controllers.

  • Excelent choice for for residential or commercial use;
  • Wide gap;
  • Screw mount.

  • Door or window securure;
  • Open window detection for hotel and offices;
  • Building Management System (BMS).

Parameter Value Unit
Maximum switchable voltage 28 VDC
Maximum switchable current 100 mA
Maximm gap 25 mm
Leads 250 mm
Switch type SPDT Reed