Google put away SSLv3 in all of its front-end servers. The same did Yahoo.

disabled_SSLv3This came as no surprise, because of the fact that SSLv3 has been deemed unsecure by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

On the other hand at the moment SSLv3 is the only protocol which TCW2xx controllers support for security socket layer.
As a result our customers can’t use public servers, which don’t suport SSLv3, for mail alerts.

The Teracom team is working hard to implement new crypto protocols TLS1.x. This task is not so easy and will takes some time.

Until we will be ready with TLS support, our customers have a few possibilities for mail sending:

– To use mail servers without security socket layer (SSL/TLS);
– To use mail servers with SSL support – there are still many public ones;
– To use our service tcw gateway. It is free of charge, but not 100% guaranteed.

We have just released new FW versions with tcw gateway functionality for TCW240, TCW241 and TCW220.