TCW220 and TCW241 now support TLS protocol

TCW220 – Ethernet data logger and TCW241 – Ethernet I/O now support TLS protocol.

TCW220-and-TCW241-now-support-TLS-protocolTLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols are providing encryption of data between client and server when data is transmitted over insecure channel such as the Internet, for example – sending mail.

SSL v3.0 is considered finaly unusable security protocol. It is believed that TLS v1.0 as a direct successor to SSL v3.0 is just a little more sure of it. Later versions TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2 is considered significantly more secure and are widely used.

For the above reasons, most recently public mail servers like,,, etc., refused to support SSL v3.0 and now work only with TLS.

These changes led us to realize the support of TLS protocol for the SMTP clients, dedicated to controllers series TCW2xx. The controllers mainly work with TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.1, but for compatibility with any servers as maintain less secure TLS v1.0.

Our free service – TCW Gateway for controllers TCW2xx will be stopped until the end of the year.

More information and new FW versions can be found on product pages of TCW220 and TCW241. We strongly recommend to update your controllers.

October 20th, 2016|News|

Google and Yahoo have disabled SSLv3 protocol

Google put away SSLv3 in all of its front-end servers. The same did Yahoo.

disabled_SSLv3This came as no surprise, because of the fact that SSLv3 has been deemed unsecure by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

On the other hand at the moment SSLv3 is the only protocol which TCW2xx controllers support for security socket layer.
As a result our customers can’t use public servers, which don’t suport SSLv3, for mail alerts.

The Teracom team is working hard to implement new crypto protocols TLS1.x. This task is not so easy and will takes some time.

Until we will be ready with TLS support, our customers have a few possibilities for mail sending:

– To use mail servers without security socket layer (SSL/TLS);
– To use mail servers with SSL support – there are still many public ones;
– To use our service tcw gateway. It is free of charge, but not 100% guaranteed.

We have just released new FW versions with tcw gateway functionality for TCW240, TCW241 and TCW220.

August 25th, 2016|News|

TCW Control with new versions

TCW Control with new updates for iOS and Android.

The new versions support Ethernet I/O module – TCW241 and Ethernet data logger – TCW220.
With these changes the number of supported devices is five – TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM, TCW240B, TCW241 and TCW220.

As before all devices should have public static IP address or should be placed behind a router with public static IP address and port forwarding.
Some minor changes in GUI, are also included.
New versions are ready for download and upddate.

June 11th, 2016|News|

New update for TC Monitor

Update for free version of TC Monitor has been released.
In the new version there is support for Ethernet I/O module – TCW241 and Ethernet data logger – TCW220. Both devices can be used either in server mode or client mode. The client mode makes connection with devices possible even they don’t have public static IP address. The other supported devices are TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM, TCW240B and TCG120.
In the new version there is also optimization of SQL database. As a result the graphs response is much faster.
As before, the free version supports monitoring and control for up to 10 parameters (sensors). Monitored parameter can be digital input, analog input, 1-wire sensors or relay output.

May 5th, 2016|News|

TCW241 – new Ethernet I/O controller

TCW241 is our new Ethernet I/O controller.

Ethernet I/O controllerTCW241 is successor of TCW240B. The new Ethernet I/O controller is based on more powerful 32 bit chipset. Analog inputs have same range from 0 to 60VDC with 10 bit resolution. 1-Wire interface can support up tp 8 sensors for humidity, temperature, direct and alternating current, 0-20mA, concentration of carbon dioxide etc.
TCW241 has all functionality of TCW240B, plus:
– Improved WEB interface;
– MODBUS TCP/IP support;
– custom made logical functions for relay activation;
– extended number of e-mail and trap recipients;
– delay for alarm notification;
– improved scheduler interface;
– improved 1-Wire sensors communication;
– offset for all 1-Wire sensors;
– Backup/Restore configuration.
More details can be found at product page .
Demo device is available here with user/pass – admin/admin.

February 27th, 2016|News|